All-in-One Protection for Your Workstations and Laptops

Lina - Live Navigator

The best defense against theft, cyberattacks, damage and data loss


  • How long does it take to restore a laptop following a cyberattack?
  • Will my backup enable me to reconstruct a lost or stolen laptop?
  • How can I enable my users to manage their own data recovery jobs?
  • Backup on one side, Disaster Recovery on the other, how do I manage associated data storage volumes to avoid additional costs?
Continuous Backup Everywhere
Even over low-bandwidth connections, your data is protected in real-time with powerful block-mode and deduplicated data transfers..
Restore from any destination from a browser in complete security
A simple internet connection anywhere in the world lets you run a secure data restoration task.
Empower Users to Restore Data Themselves
Cut down time spent restoring user files. Empower colleagues with their own data recovery tasks frees up time for other essential tasks.
Completely Rebuild a Machine (System + Data + applications)
Lina is much more than a file recovery tool. Use it to fully reconstruct a machine from scratch with built-in bare metal recovery.
Reduce the Volume of Stored Data
We integrate powerful deduplication capacity meaning you only back up unique data blocks and make massive savings on your storage use and your storage costs.
Protect Without Impacting the User
Low processing and network requirements make all backup and recovery tasks invisible to the user.

If a sales person loses or damages a laptop, we could lose contracts. With Live Navigator, I’m not worried anymore. If I know that a file was on a laptop, I have a backup ready to restore from any time and from any place.”

Julien Brevière, Directeur IT